Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Philhellene, September-October, 1944

The Philhellene, September-October, 1944, Vol. III, No. 9-10, Page 6


"...At the last hour, Bulgaria's new leaders have been trying to play off Russia against the United States and Great Britain. It is hoped that this attempt, too, will fail and that the interests of Greece and Yugoslavia will not be sacrificed to power politics. It is also hoped that one of the conditions of the armistice shall be that Bulgarians installed in Greek Macedonia and Thrace shall vacate the Greek homes immediately and that the homeless and deported Greeks shall be restored at Bulgaria's expense. In other words, the restoration of the status quo ante in the ravaged Greek provinces must be a definite condition of the armistice.

For us really to understand this we bounded. As soon as the new government sued for an armistice, it addressed telegrams to a certain Bulgarian "general" Apostoloff, in the ranks of Marshall Tito, offering congratulations for his struggle "for the liberation of Macedonia" and another telegram to Marshall Tito himself assuring him of the desire of Bulgaria "for brotherly cooperation of the Slavic countries against the common enemy." In other words, the stage is all set for Bulgaria's claim for a free Macedonia, the fraud of which has been exposed in our last issue.


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