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Hellas Weekly, June 18, 1943

Hellas Weekly, June 18, 1943, Page 2

The Bulgars

The "Burgarski Phare" reports that Bulgarians are settling in Thrace in almost all the villages, and in some places are already forming a majority. It also states that mistakes are being made, in that "lazy and troublesome people are being sent as settlers."

[Editor's Note. - If their own Press labels these settlers as troublesome, it can be imagined what the Greeks in those areas are suffering at their hands.]

Significantly, it is also reported that the census of Macedonia and Thrace was completed on May 10. It will be interesting to see the figures when they are published.

To make their control of these areas even more effective, the Bulgarian Government has forbidden the sale of real property in Macedonia and Thrace. Property confiscated by the Bulgarian State may only be bought by Bulgarian nationals - on payment of 10 per cent of the price, the balance being spread over a long period.

The Bulgarian Government has also forbidden Moslems to settle on the coast of Thrace and the Aegean Province, according to the "Zaria."

A modern Bulgarian school will be inaugurated in Salonica, wrote the "Zaria" recently.

The "Deutsches Nachrichten Bureau" reports from Sofia that the Bulgarian Ministry of Health has declared the provinces of Thrace and Macedonia to be malaria areas, where the laws concerning the combating of the disease have to be strictly carried out.


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