Monday, January 16, 2012

"Λόγοι και Σκέψεις" - Ioan. Metaxas (I vol.)

Another lie of FYROM revealed. Their claims are that the term 'Macedonia' was forbidden in Greece before 1988 and that at the rule of Metaxas was strictly forbidden to use the word 'Macedonia'. We put quotes from Metaxas speeches where he used the term 'Macedonia' in all forms!
"Besides the major derivative works of Macedonia, venues small drainage and flood control projects will add valuable land to the cultivation..."
"The names Macedonia, Peloponnesus, Epirus, Creta, Eptanisos, Thrace, have geographical meaning. There is not any other else but only one and undivided Hellas..."
"That seemed strange to me when i came into Macedonia... And said that is the best gift that Macedonia has to offer, in an agricultural place, in month october, when the seeds are sown..."
"Citizens of Thessaloniki and Macedonia!..."
"...with the grand welcome that Macedonia and Thrace that have offered for the last three weeks..."
"We started public works in Macedonia immediately. More than 60 million are being spent at this moment for the roads of Macedonia and Thrace..."
"...Long live the city of Serres! Long live Eastern Macedonia! Long live Greece! Long live the King!"
"As far as science goes, all of ancient Greece contributed, from the cities of the Asia Minor shores to Sicily and from Stageira of Macedonia to Crete and the Dodecanese..."
"...considering the ethnic political matters we should turn and follow Sparta's and Macedonia's beliefs. As to Sparta who stated the idea of the political union and military domination of the ancient Hellenism and as to Macedonia, who finished that project."
"And the races of ancient Greece were to succumb to a kingdom of those, the Macedonians, for Hellenism to become a whole as to a worthy political being."
"...have reached the most distant villages, notably Macedonia, Thrace and Epirus..."
"Speech to the Macedonian students"
"You know that there was a sacrifice from all of Greece for the sake of Thrace and Eastern Macedonia..."
"Because all i have available in money, in any ways, i invest it all in Thrace and Eastern Macedonia..."
"Because all i have available in money, in any ways, i invest it all in Thrace and Eastern Macedonia..."
"I don't believe that you admire any of Ancient Greek politicians that they react against Macedonian Hegemony..."
"Introduced permanent summer season at the Royal Theatre in the capital of Macedonia (means Thessaloniki)..."
"...I found the country in rebelion under agreement of the communists of and all political parties, and the Macedonian covered with red (communist) flags. That was the situation of Greece..."
"...he drag his sword in so many paths in Macedonia and Epirus..."

To be continued...

Author: Marsyas Periandrou (M.P.)



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