Monday, January 16, 2012

"Λόγοι και Σκέψεις" - Ioan. Metaxas (II vol.)

Another lie of FYROM revealed. Their claims are that the term 'Macedonia' was forbidden in Greece before 1988 and that at the rule of Metaxas was strictly forbidden to use the word 'Macedonia'. We put quotes from Metaxas speeches where he used the term 'Macedonia' in all forms!
" is in the crucial spot of the struggle, in Thessaloniki, that is in the middle of Macedonia and Thrace..."
"You come from many parts of Hellenism. Indigenous Macedonians from many other points..."
"Macedonia is completely assured..."
"And performing works everywhere in Macedonia..."
"...Fields of tobacco in Thrace and Eastern Macedonia was perfecture: Evrou, Rodopis, Dramas, Kavalas, Serron, acres 350,000. Fields of tobacco in Central and Western Macedonia was perfecture: Kilkis, Chalkidikis, Thessalonikis, Pellas, Kozani, Florina, acres 100,000."
"...which were a continuing of productive works which carry out in Macedonia, for example the completion of Macedonia works of Thessaly..."
"In Macedonia the same would have been seen..."
"My fellow Minister, Governor General of Macedonia and the responsible ministers..."
"And now I address the children of the National Reformatory Institute of Macedonia..."
"The greater part of these loans were shared between Macedonia and Thrace..."
" Macedonia 40,000,000 Macedonia 10,000,000 drachmas..."
"...I could not come to West Macedonia..."
"Are local names Macedonians and Peloponnesians..."
"...and turned against the working population of beautiful Macedonian capital..."
"And this feeling of satisfaction increases the ties, that they have the Macedonian capital with the glorious our Greek dynasty and my personal memories of the heroic days of Bulgarian war..."
" our Thessaloniki, in our Creta, in our Macedonia..."
" the escaping of the enemy all across the front of West Macedonia and Epirus."
"...cooperative organizations of East Macedonia..."

Author: Marsyas Periandrou (M.P.)



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