Saturday, September 28, 2013

Gold Myrtle Wreath - Vergina

Gold wreath of myrtle leaves and blossoms, from third quarter of 4th century B.C., also it is known as Meda's Wreath, Thracian princess and fifth wife of Philip II of Macedon. Photo 2, Photo 3.

This myrtle wreath has some 80 leaves and 112 flowers and it was found in the antechamber of the Great Tumulus (Megali Toumba), tomb of Philip II of Macedon, at ancient Aigai. Similar wreaths are found in burials in southern Italy (Magna Graecia), Minor Asia and the North Pontic areas, which indicates about a Pan-Hellenic cult.

Found in Vergina, Central Macedonia, Hellenic Republic. Excavated by Manolis Andronikos in 1977, exposed at Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki.


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