Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Philhellene, January-February, 1944

The Philhellene, Bulletin of the American Friends of Greece (30 Rockefeller Plaza - New York - COlumbus 5-8594), Vol. III. No. 1-2. January - February 1944, page 2.


"Greek units fought back during this period wherever and whenever possible. The latest accounts in the "New York Times" report guerrilla activities in Macedonia, eastern and southern Epirus and Thessaly..."


"As an illustration, it is reported by the Greek Government on advices received from Greece that seventy-nine villages in the province of Grevena, in western Macedonia, have been totally destroyed. Grevena is the home town of the Executive Secretary of American Friends of Greece and he recalls that there were only about 150 villages and towns in the whole of the province. It appears then that one half of the province has been destroyed."


"Another dispatch adds that "in Macedonia and Thrace, Bulgars are reported to be faithful pupils of the Germans and in several instances have shown themselves to be crueler aggressors than the Nazis, if possible." Yet, many continue in this country to deceive themselves with the idea that the Bulgarian people are innocent and that it is only a group of government leaders in Sofia who are subservient to the Nazis."


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