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The Financial Review


The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Volume LVII, Issue 107

18 April 1897, Page 27

On the 9th a band of Greeks, members of Ethnike Hatairia, or Greek National society, numbering a few hundred, well organized and equipped, invaded Macedonia, first attacking Baltino and then moving rapidly upon other Turkish positions with increasing numbers, being reinforced by inhabitants of Macedonia, by mountaineers and by a band of Italian adventures, and despite the opposition of the Turks, who were unable effectively to move large bodies of men, by reason of the narrow roads, the insurgents succeeded in cutting the lines of communication between the Turkish center at Grevena and the Thessalian border. News of this movement caused a flurry at London and on the continent on Monday, for it was regarded as likely to precipitate a declaration of war, but it was stated at Athens that responsibility for the invasion was disavowed by the Greek government, who were unable to prevent the movement across the border. By the middle of the week the insurgents numbered nearly 10,000 and they were successful in defeating comparatively large bodies of the Turks. Considered in the nature of a reconnoissance, the invasion was an entire success. The object probably was to arouse the Macedonians and to give them an opportunity to join Greece when the latter engages in war; the case with which the Turks were defeated is an indication of the superiority of the Greeks and the success of the guerrilla style of warfare, pursued by the invaders, will probably encourage a resort to such tactics when war begins in earnest. The Turks were greatly enraged by the invasion and threats were made to declare war, but the sultan was restrained by the powers. Judging from the results of the raid, the Greeks are more than a match for their foes in a fair fight, and it is quite possible that with a little assistance, or even if the powers would agree to remain passive, the Greeks could soon drive the Turks out of European Turkey.

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