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Rob. Commission on crimes in Macedonia

Roberts Commission - Protection of Historical Monuments

The Germano-Bulgarian crime with cultural heritage and the destruction of the history of Greece, during World War II.



"...The hill on which the ancient Acropolis stands was converted into defensive locality by the Bulgarians in the spring of 1941. When the custodian of the site attempted to intervene, backed up by the German Military Command, he was beaten up by the Bulgarians..."


"...According to given by the villagers, the Bulgarians had demolished the small church of Ayios Apostoli, the masonry of which had been transported and used for construction of an emplacement at the Strymon bridge... The villagers also stated that the Bulgarians had removed other pieces of marble to the village of Prevista (Paleokomi), but this information had not yet been confirmed... The inscription in the house of FILIPOS KOKHLIARIDHIS was in its place, but the inscription of "Midas Mithradatou" (Thrakika, 1940, 30 figs 27-28) was not found and there was a newly discovered grave stele in the house of NIKOLAOS KOKHLIARIDHIS."


"...The inhabitants were unable to give any information regarding the looting of the museum, as they had been forced to remain indoors by the Bulgarians, but from sherds found on the rocks below the building (Arch Eph 1938, fig. 8, i and figs. 22-23) it would appear that a large part of the contents of the show-cases had been thrown into the sea... This belief was upheld by the fast that the Greek labels on the exhibits had been replaced by Bulgarian ones, obviously written by a bibliographically expert..."


"...Bulgarian archeologists had translated the Greek inventory of the museum into their language, and had produced the new one, a copy of which remained in the museum. The keys of the showcases had, however, been taken to Sofia... Among other stones, the inscribed base of Zeus Kataibates (BCH, 1926, 245 No 25) from the Hellenistic Agora had been taken to Bulgaria, probably as marble building material..."

Discovered by Marsyas Periandrou


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