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Value of Old Coins - 31 Aug, 1884

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, August 31, 1884, Volume XLV, Issue 241, Page 4.


"That coins are interesting, as giving us portraits of those who have made some show in the world, in undoubted. It is equally true that by their means we are made acquainted with the existence of kings and kingdoms of whom history has left no records. The fact of a Greek kingdom of Bactria occupying that even yet comparatively unexplored region half way between the Caspian and the Himalays, was revealed to the world only some fifty years ago by the finding of coins bearing portraits and legends of the Greek speaking rulers. An extremely large silver piece in the British Museum, supposed to belong to a period anterior to 480 B. C. and struck by the Odomanti of Thrace, a tribe of whom we know nothing, was found at Ishtib. In the same collection is a large silver coin of the Orrescii, an unknown Macedonian people, which was found in Egypt, along with a very early drachma of Terone, and a large decadrachm of Derronikos, a king unknown to history. These are supposed to have been carried to Egypt by some or the soldiers of Xerxes, during their retreat from the battle of Plataea. - Chambers' Journal."


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