Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Turkey and Greece - Jan 23, 1881

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 23 January 1881, Volume XLII, Issue 22, Page 2.


"...There is an opinion that it does not exceed 4.000.000 souls, but recent statistics taken on the spot from the archives of the episcopates and consulates, fix the number of Greeks in Thessaly, Upper and Lower Epirus, Macedonia and Thrace, at more than 4.000.000. Indeed, the first [Thessaly] of these States numbers over 350.000 Greeks, the second [Upper Epirus] 450.000, the third [Lower Epirus] 320.000, the fourth [Macedonia] 900.000 and the fifth [Thrace] 2.000.000; add to these 1.000.000 which is a little less than the actual number of Greeks upon the islands under the Porte, and we will have 5.020.000 Greeks under the Turkish rule; add again 3.000.000 of Greeks in Asia and Africa, and 600.000 spread in the five parts of the world, and finally 1.700.000, which is the population of the Kingdom of Greece, and we will see then that the Greek population amounts to 10.320.000..."

Conclusion: It's not the aim, number of Macedonian Greeks in 1881 under the Ottoman rule, but the aim is the Greek name in Ottoman region in Macedonia. This article is the best testimony for it. (M. P.)


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