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The Thessalonian Letters - 20. XII. 1897


The Apostle's Earlier Conception Christ

"...This, then, was his preaching in Thessalonica. Driven out from Philippi, he had passed to Thessalonica. It was one of the largest cities in ancient Greece. Salonica, the same city a under different name, is said to be the largest city in European Greece, next only to Constantinople..."

Paul's Retreat from Thessalonica

"...So he retreated from Thessalonica and left the infant church just born. It appeared to have in it the greatest promise of any church which Paul had up to that time visited. It included some Jews; it included few Greeks; it included a great multitude of proselytes, and it included some noble and wealthy women..."

"...He reminds them that from their church went forth fame, so that the cities of Macedonia round about learned of this remarkable gathering in which Jew and Pagan, poor and rich, were united for the first time, perhaps, in Grecian history, certainly in the history of that particular city..."

"...Some have already died. Will they lose this Messianic kingdom? Have they [the Thessalonians] been banished to the shadowy Hades in which the Greeks believed?..."


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