Thursday, January 3, 2013

Eugene Schuyler - Quotes

Eugene Schuyler (1840-1890) was a 19th century American scholar, writer, explorer and diplomat. As  American Consul General in Constantinople he played a key role in publicizing Turkish atrocities in Bulgaria in 1876 during the April Uprising. He was the first American Minister to Romania and Serbia, and U.S. Minister to Greece. In his article for Brooklyn Daily Eagle he stated:

"They imagine themselves (Greeks of the Constantinople and Aegean islands) to be the immediate descendants of the ancient Greeks and the rulers of the Byzantine Empire. While this gives great stimulus to their patriotism it misleads them. Filled with the accounts of the exploits of Alexander of Macedon and of the glories of Byzantium."

"From personal observations, which are confirmed by best authorities, it would seem that a proper line would be one including Monastir, and thence running eastward along the mountains to Kavalla, including Serres and Drama. This would give to Greece Salonica and Mount Athos and all the country where Greek influence is predominant."

"Among all the islands on the coast of Asia Minor and even in Egypt; for whatever may be the future of Egypt the period when it was under Greek rule and Greek influence was its best and most prosperous one."

The Eastern Question - 15 Nov 1885


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