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Brooklyn Daily Eagle - 6 May 1854


To the Free and Benevolent Nation of the United States of America, by the Greeks of Macedonia, Thessely, Thrace, Epirus, Ionia and the Greek islands.

Four hundred years of intolerable bondage, infinite and unexpressable suffering brought upon us by the yoke of the Mussulmans - a yoke that made the cup of live to overflow with bitterness - oblige us to take up arms that we might be free, and assert the truth that all men are born free and equal.

Christians of America, free and happy people of the United States; the present Panhellenic movement, is but the continuation of the great work begun in 1821, which the whole world then rejoiced to see.

The citizens of the United States then heard of our wrongs, pitied and assisted us. For that same assistance we call on you know. The present war is a holy war, it is a religious war. We are struggling against oppression. It is the great struggle between light and darkness, the Gospel and the Koran.

Americans your former compassion for the Greeks have not been forgotten by them. The American name has always been dear to the people of Greece. Our gratitude for your past kindness has lasted for more than thirty years, even to the present moment - we people have nothing to look back on our past conduct and feel discouraged to ask again for your assistance. And you, the Americans, can with the approbation of Christian conscience, assist us again, having had no cause to repeat of what you had formerly done in behalf of us.

Americans, you have been informed of what the people of independent Greece have been doing in the cause of education, ever since they have been free. You are no strangers to the exertions made by the Greek people under the Turkish yoke, in the cause of education. All these facts, known to you as they are, we hope will incite your noble hearts to encourage us by your seasonable assistance.

Americans, for the sake of our fathers, whose percepts have been so elevating to the nations, and above all, to your classic institutions - assist us.

Benevolent Americans, for the sake of humanity - assist us.

Free Americans, for the sake of liberty and the exalted rights of human nature which you enjoy - assist us.

Christian Americans, for the sake of Him whom we both worship, who died for all, and whose Testament you have read in our language - assist us as brothers in Christ.


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