Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Brooklyn Daily Eagle - 15 Nov, 1885

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Foreign Fact and Comment, 15 November 1885, Volume XLVI, Issue 317, Page 11.

"...That the Greeks should be anxious to secure countries inhabited by Greeks, in the event of the collapse of the Turkish rule in Europe, is only right and proper. But by objecting to the union of the two Bulgarias they invalidate their claim to any portion of the property of the Sick Man. The doctrine of nationality and that of the balance of power are antagonistic. If the Greeks are to oppose the Bulgarians being united because this may render Bulgaria stronger than Greece, by a parity of reasoning Europe may oppose Albania, any portion of Macedonia, and the Greek Islands of the Levant, joining the Greek kingdom, on the ground that the aspirations of the inhabitants of these localities must be sacrified to general European interests..."


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