Monday, August 20, 2012

Thomas Schühly - Quotes

Thomas Schühly is the producer of the movie "Alexander" (2004), dedicated to great Macedonian conqueror. His statement for New York Times:

"Oliver [Stone] once asked me: what is greatness? It's not just conquering the world. Genghis Khan conquered the world. Hitler conquered the world. Alexander, did not exact revenge after his conquests, at least not beyond what was required to consolidate his dominion. As he marched across Egypt, Persia and India, he sought to integrate West and East, defying the cultural purity preached by the ancient Greeks.

It's what Alexander did after he conquered a country that interested me. If war is part of our nature, the question is, what do we do after it?"

("A Hopeless Idea for a Film About Alexander Is Finally Successful" - The New York Times, 1 September 2004)


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