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Nikola Karev's interview - REVEALED

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Nikola Karev's interview - another blatant FYROMian forgery

Have you ever noticed on various Fyromian websites/forums/blogs this interview of Nikola Karev ("president" of the so-called Republic of Krushevo during the Ilinden uprising) to the Greek newspaper Akropolis in 1903? Can you recall that Karev stated to the Greek journalist that he was an "ethnic Macedonian", direct descendant of Alexander the Great and Philip, even though he admitted "history says Alexander the Great was Greek"?
However Fyromian propagandists made (as usually) a small error translating the text from Greek to English. An error that totally changes the meaning of Karev's answer. Pay attention to the highlighted sentence above and let's see the original Greek text, from Ion Dragoumis' book "Τα τετράδια του Ίλιντεν" (The notebooks of Ilinden):

Тhis interview, has an illogical Karev's statement:

1. On the question "What are you?" -Karev said, I am Macedonian.
2. On the question "Are you descendant of Alexander the Great?" - He said, YES.
3. On the sub-question "Are you Greek", said - no, but he admitted that according to historical science Alexander the Great was Greek.

And what's the conclusion?

- Nikola Karev is "ethnic-Macedonia", who is descendent of Alexander the Great, who was Greek, and Karev is not Greek, although is descendant of Alexander.

The question is - What mean Macedonian for Nikola Karev? Here is the answer:
This is how Fyromian propagandists have translated it:

- Whatever kind of watering,it refreshes us and has forced us to turn our branches to that side which,we admit we have nothing in common and to run from you with which we do not share the same blood and history.

Now compare the
proper translation of Karev's answer and especially the highlighted part with the translation of the Fyromian propagandists:

- Whatever kind of watering is that,it refreshes us and made us turn our branches to that place to which we confess that nothing connects us (he means the Bulgarians)
and to run from you (he means the Greeks now) with which we have the same blood and the same history.

So what Karev really said is that his artificial "Macedonian" ethnicity shared common blood and history with Greeks, even though some lines before he claimed he is only an "ethnic Macedonian" who has nothing to do with Greece! In other words,all this mess proves nothing more than his "Macedonian" identity was something recently and artificially invented and not a centuries old deep-rooted in his consciousness belief, as modern Fyromian propagandists claim. Hence his confusion:"Alexander was Greek... however I am ethnic Macedonian and have no relation whatsoever to Greeks... yet we ethnic Macedonians share common blood and history with Greeks...".

I have noticed another "error" of the Fyromian translation: There is next to the highlighted point another phrase of Karev:

- "αυτό είναι τρόπον τινά μία διαμαρτυρία εναντίον της ελληνικής αδιαφορίας",which is translated by Fyromian propagandists as:

- "This is in some way a protest against Greek interest (in us)".

However the proper meaning is exactly the opposite:

- "This is somewhat a protest against Greek indifference
(for us)".

Even Karev knew, to be descendant of Alexander the Great, you must to have same blood (origin) and history with the Greeks!
Unfortunately Slavomacedonians doesn't have it!

Revealed by Kapetan Doukas.


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