Thursday, August 2, 2012

Alexander the Great - Toronto

Statue of Alexander the Great - Greektown - Toronto, Canada.

Photo: R. S. Konjek

June, 2010.

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Info: In the heart of Greektown is the Alexander the Great Parkette, complete with a fountain, benches, a large stone dais, and a semi-circle of doric columns. Within these columns is a bust of Alexander of Macedon.

Clad in elaborately decorated armour and with tousled locks aflow, Alexander casts his protective gaze over this little corner of the city.

This bronze bust was completed by Dion Zachariou in 1990 and donated to the city by the Pan-Macedonian Association of Ontario and the Greek Community of Metropolitan Toronto. The parkette was dedicated in 1994.

Location - northeast corner Logan and Danforth Avenues.


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