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Photographs from US Archives

Exclusive photos from US Archives - or forgery attempt?

After removal of the ban for certain military data, on official web-pages of US archives, were attached some materials and photos from WW II. Now, we can see free, two air perspective photos from bombing of Nazi forces stationed in Greek region of Macedonia. Bombing was carried in 1943, by the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF). Nazi forces were stationed at Axis air base at Sedes, 15 km east of Thessaloniki, Macedonia (Northern Greece). This military airport at Sedes, was target during the USAAF bombing.

In addition, photos could be seen together with envelope in which were stored:


WAR THEATRE #12 - Sedes Airfield/Salonika, Macedonia. Rec'd Nov. 29. 1943 from Bur. of Pub. Rel. Copied 1/31/44

Bombs from Flying Fortresses of the Northwest African Air Forces fell on the Sedes airfield. (over)

Bombing aerial

INDEXED 27115 A.C.


Copied 1/8/44 from original furnished by Intelligence Div., AAF. Used in Dec. 1943

Issue of "Impact". UNCLASSIFIED


INDEXED 26602 A.C.

Like giant funeral pyres, hangars & planes send up columns of smoke. Forty nine Consolidated B-24’s unloaded 538 five hundred-pound bomb on Sedes Field. At least 14 aircraft were destroyed on the ground & a fuel camp was set on fire. The bomb fall plot (right) shows a heavy concentration of bursts on the landing area & on the 3 hangars & all other buildings, most of which were set on fire. This 9th AF mission was the 1st attack of USAAF on a target in Greece Macedonia.

War Theatre #12 - Salonika, GREECE Macedonia


Bombs from Flying Fortresses of the Northwest African Air Forces fell on the Sedes airfield, 8 miles southeast of Salonika, Greece. Hits were made on aircraft fuel storage dumps, hangars, and administration buildings. (NAAF Photo)

Conclusion: On the second picture encrypted as A26690, it can be seen that at two places word 'Greece' is cross out, and on its place is added 'Macedonia'. Other cross-outs of the text of this photo are made with marker, with the exception of replacing the word 'Greece' with 'Macedonia', is done with pen. Is this forgery or not... it isn't known. On the first photo (code: A26691) it is written Macedonia, as a geographical region of Greece. It is confirmed with the outer text from the envelope.

To verify out claims, we will use small article from the Australian Newspaper "The Mail":

"THE MAIL" Australian Newspaper
Adelaide: Saturday, June 26, 1943


LONDON, Saturday. - Americans had a field day in the Mediterranean on Thursday.

They wrecked the Axis air base at Sedes, near Salonika (Greece), and sent 300 planes over Sardinia, where they blasted railways, airfields, and shipping. In this attack, they shot down 20 Axis aircraft for the loss of nine.

About 50 Liberators dropped more than 100 tons of bombs on Sedes, which the Germans have been using as an air training, centre and a main rear supply base.

[THE MAIL Newspaper, Vol. 32 - No. 1,622, 26 June 1943]

Author: M.P.


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