Monday, July 23, 2012

Flag of the 1st Army (1ê Stratia)

Flag of the First Army - Image by Marcus Schmöger, 25 March 2002

Colours: red-green-red with white fimbriation, light blue shield.

Description: An ancient Macedonian shield, with the Sun of Vergina upon it. Symbolizes the determination, the power and the will of the 1st Army, that it will never come to a compromise with its enemies.

Motto: ΕΣΤ ΑΝ ΤΗΝ ΑΥΤΗΝ ΟΔΟΝ ΙΗ, est an tên autên odon iê (So long as it keeps its own course).

In context: "Now bring this message to Mardonios, that the Athenians say: "As long as the sun keeps its own course by which it now goes, we will never come to terms with Xerxes." (Herodot 8, 143). Before the battle of Plataea (spring 479 BC), Mardonios, eager to divide the Greeks, proposed peace to the Athenians and got the answer above.


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