Friday, June 29, 2012

Technicolor sarcophagus of Alexander

Reconstruction of the polychrome decoration of the Alexander Sarcophagus from the Royal necropolis of Sidon, representing the battle of Issos.

Study: Vinzenze Brinkmann and Ulrike Koch-Brinkmann.
Stereolithography: Alphaform, Munich.
Restoration of the missing parts: Joseph Kotti, Sylvia Kellner.
Painting: Ulrike Koch-Brinkmann.
Original: Archaeological national museum of Istanbul. Exposure "Bunte Götter" in the version shown in Athens.

The Alexander Sarcophagus (together with the full-colour makeover) is on display at the Istanbul Museum was the tomb of Sidon's king Abdalonymos, whom Alexander placed on the Sidonian throne after his victory over the Persians at Issos in 333. He appears in the hunting and battle scenes on the carved panels along with Alexander.

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