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Balkan 1941 by Helmuth Greiner

WWII Foreign Military Studies, 1945-54

MS # C-065g

Helmuth Greiner
Ministerialrat A.D.
Keeper of the War Diary
in Hitler's Headquarters
(Aug 1939 - Apr 1943)


Translator: A. HALL
Reviewer: Major F.D. CRONIN

The Author

Ministerialrat fm OKW*
Born: 30 April 1892
Leipzig, Saxony

Helmuth GREINER joined the army in December 1913, entering the 132nd Prussian Infantry Regiment as an officer candidate, and in July 1914 was promoted 2d lieutenant with commission dated 23 June 1912. In World War I he served at the various fronts from the outbreak of war to June 1917, with two brief breaks to recover from wounds. In June 1917 he was detached to serve as military attache on the staff of the German Embassy in Bern, Switzerland, from which he was transferred to the Historical Division of Army General Staff, Berlin, in January 1919, remaining there until discharged from the Army in March 1920, with rank of captain. Less than a month later GREINER was appointed archivist in the Military History Section of the Historical Branch of the Reich Archives at Potsdam. He remained in this service until 1935, and it was during this period that he continued his studies in national economy and history at the Berlin University from 1921-1924. Also during this period he did a great deal of writing on the German official history of World War I and was promoted Archivart.

On 1 April 1935 GREINER was re-called for service in the Wehrmacht, promoted Regierungsrat (equivalent to major in rank) and attached to the re-organized Historical Division of the Reichs Archives, a branch of the Military History Research Institute of the Army. On 18 August 1939, he was transferred to the National Defense Branch, which later was re-designated Wehrmacht Operations Staff (Wehrmachtsfuehrungstab), in HITLER'S headquarters, as Keeper of the War Diary. Promoted Oberregierungsrat on 1 May 1936 and Ministerialrat on 1 October 1940, GREINER was removed from his post on 22 April 1943 because of his known anti-nationalsocialist sentiments. Following this he was detached to the Office of the German General Attached to Italian Armed Forces Headquarters in Rome for a brief spell, 15 June - 31 July 1943.

From that date to the end of the war, GREINER was not employed, being considered politically unreliable. He was captured by US forces at Oberhof, Thuringia on 4 April 1945.

In addition to his career in the civil service and the Wehrmacht, GREINER is a well-known writer on military subjects in the historical vain, his published works including, VETERANS OF WORLD WAR I, a collection of essays by soldiers of the war; THE 1916 CAMPAIGN IN RUMANIA, written for the Swedish General Staff; THE 1916 INVASION OF BELGIUM AND THE FIRST MAJOR BATTLES; THE FRENCH MOBILIZATION IN 1914; THE AMERICAN WAR OF SECESSION; GUERILLA WARFARE IN 1870-71 and FRENCH MOBILIZATION PLANS, 1885-1914, some of which were written specifically as instruction manuals for use in training.
* Administrative official attached to Wehrmacht Command, equivalent in rank to a colonel.

Source: US National Archive


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