Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ten Lies of Macedonism - B. Dimitrov

Excerpts from the book "Ten lies of Macedonism" by Bozhidar Dimitrov (Bulgarian historian), 2000.

"Historical science has long ago established that the ancient Macedonian tribe was the part of Greek ethnic community and the territory till IV century B.C. was located in present-day Northern Greece."

"Even in ancient times was created controversy with political reason, about whether the Macedonians, were Greeks or not. It is clear, that they were not Slavs as present population of FYROM, who settled the Balkans in VI century A.D. a thousand years later. A political reason which was caused in antiquity by Greek political elite on the questions whether the Macedonians were Greeks, was produced when Macedonian king Philip II decided to realize his brilliant idea to unite divided
of hundreds city-states of Greek world, into a single Greek state formation. Philip's and his son Alexander's idea was successful, but also they conquered almost the entire of Balkan Peninsula, Asia Minor and the Middle East."

[From the chapter: "1st lie - Present-day Slavomacedonians are descendants of inhabitants of ancient Macedonian]


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