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Biography & Mythology - J. Thomas (1870)

"Universal Pronouncing Dictionary of Biography and Mythology" by Joseph Thomas, Philadelphia 1870.

Intresting historical dictionary which shows Greek ethinicty of famous ancient Macedonians and Greekness of Macedonians through centuries. Ancient Macedonians king are not emphasized as Greeks, but with part of Philip II of Macedon is clear evidence of their Greekness. Other Macedonians with Greek ethnicity are: Adaeus, Antipater, Nicomachus and Joannes Stobaeus.

"Amyntas, son of Antiochus, a Macedonian officer who was in the service of Persia when Alexander invaded that country. He commanded some Greek auxiliaires that fought for Darius at Issus, 333 B.C..." - (On pg. 117)

- Great proof about Greeks who fought on Persian side against Macedonian army, who were led by Macedonian. Another proof that ancient Macedonians were Greeks.

"Soon after the battle of Lepanto he received an embassy from the Greeks of Albania and Macedonia, requesting him to assist them against the Turks and to receive the sovereignty of their countries" (On pg. 1281)

- Article for Don Juan of Spain. This excerpt shows that at the time of Lepanto's battle (1571 A.D.) Albania and Macedonia (some parts as geographical regions) were inhabitted with Greeks.

"He availed himself of another civil war, called the Sacred war, to pursue his ambitions projects against the independence of Grecian states, and became the ally of the Thebans against the Phocians and Athenians... The decisive battle of Chaernoea, where Philip, commanding in person defeated the allies in 338 B.C., rendered him master of Greece." (On pg. 1784)

- Remarkable excerpt which tells us that Third Sacred war (356 B.C. -346 B.C. Thebes, Macedon with allies vs. Athens, Phocis and allies) was civil war, not ethnic. This excerpt also suggest that Philip II of Macedon after battle at Chaernoea rendered himself as master of Greece, not as oppressor. With this passage we can be sure that all mentions of Macedonian king, in this dictionary, as Macedonians are with geographical meaning of the word Macedonian, and that their ethnicity was Greek.


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