Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vladimir Putin - quotes

Excerpt from a debate at a recent economic forum. The obvious synergy of otherwise blunt statement that "Alexander conquered Persia" followed by a sentence: "Now Greece is not to conquer anybody" is that Alexander's conquest was by Greeks, i.e. an endogenous conquest towards Persia of, simply stated, Greek design and character, led by Alexander:

English - "At one time Alexander the Great decided to conquer Persia in order to resolve these economic issues. Now Greece is no longer able to conquer anyone."

Славомакедонски (Slavomacedonian) -"Александар Македонски во свое време, за да ги реши економските проблеми тргна во освојување на Персија. Денешна Грција не може да освојува никого."

Ελληνικά (Greek) - "Στην εποχή του για να λύσει αυτά τά οικονομικά προβλήματα, ο Αλέξανδρος της Μακεδονίας, ήρθε και κατελάβε την Περσία. Τώρα δεν είναι η Ελλάδα να κατακτήσει κανείς."

Русский (Russian) - "В своё время, чтобы решить эти экономические проблемы, Александр Македонский пошёл и Персию завоевал. Теперь Греция не может никого завоевать."

Deutcsh (German) - "Zu seiner zeit, um die wirtschaftlichen probleme zu lösen, ging Alexander von Makedonien nach Persien und eroberte es. Heute erobert Griechenland niemanden mehr."

[Economic forum "Russia 2012", 02-02-2012, Russian 1 TV]


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