Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mohammed Bugi Ansari - quotes

Mohammed Bugi Ansari is a Pakistani artist from Lahore who lives in Holland. He is also a great painter. Mr. Mohammed Bugi Ansari declared the paintings regarding the Kalash cultures as a global heritage:

- "This area (Kafirstan) in 326 BC was visited by the Alexander's army. So there are lot of things which people consider as reference to the Greek culture."

- "... Kalash as far as beauty is concerned they were always presented as slaves to the imperial armies and imperial courts of most of the Persian and the Greek empire , and wine was traded all the way from the areas of Kafristan to the Greeks..."

- " was like people who burned in Alexandria in Egypt you know the great library and all this very very interesting documents you know from Greek people like democrats..."

["Kalash people of Pakistan (interview in English) with Mohammed Bugi Ansari" from Radio Libre Expression, France 2011]


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