Thursday, January 12, 2012

"New Greece" poster and Macedonia

This picture is yet another of millions of peices of evidence which smash the pathetically contrived FYROM claims that Greeks avoided the name and even banned it until 1988.

Its a poster from 1913 proclaiming the liberation of Macedonia.

- On the center is written main text "Η ΝΕΑ ΕΛΛΑΣ" (Eng: "New Greece").
- Under main text is written "ΕΙΡΗΝΗ" (Eng: Peace) and date 26 July 1913.
- On the left side with red colour is written year 1821 (Year of Greek uprising and liberation from Ottomans).
- On the right side with red colour is written year 1912 (Year of liberation of Macedonia from Ottoman rule).

- On this part are written liberated Greek land. Macedonia is between them!

- Map of free Macedonia with capital city Thessaloniki. This toponyms are written in Greek and not in Slavomacedonian. On this part of poster are shown two flags; Turkish and Bulgarian, which are taken after the Balkan wars from the Greek Army.

Author: Marsyas Periandrou (M.P.)


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