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Krushevo Manifesto of IMRO (1903)

What is Krusevo manifesto?

The Krusevo Manifesto is a manifesto published by the Revolutionary Committee of Kruševo Republic during the 1903 Ilinden-Preobrazhenie Uprising in the wider region of Macedonia. It was written by Nikola Karev and Nikola Kirov, and it outlined the aims of the Uprising, calling upon the Muslim population to join forces with the government in the struggle against tyranny and enslavement to attain freedom and independence. It was published for the first time in 1923 by Nikola Kirov as pamphlet and there is no original preserved. Its authenticity is disputed.

Who are the authors of the manifesto?

Nikola Karev was a Bulgarian revolutionary from Krusevo (today FYROM). Also, Nikola Kirov-Mayski was Bulgarian revolutionary. For Nikola Karev and Nikola Kirov we will write more at some next posts and will explain in detail their Bulgarian origin. In this post, our theme is only manifesto.

Krusevo manifesto (English translation)

Fellow countrymen and dear neighbours !

We, your perennial neighbours, friends and acquaintances from beautiful Krusevo and its pretty villages, regardless of faith, nationality, sex or conviction, not being able to endure any more the tyranny of bloodthirsty murtats who hunger for human flesh, who would like to lead both you and us to slaughter, to reduce both you and us to poverty, and to turn our dear and wealthy land of Macedonia into a wasteland, we have today raised our heads and decided to defend ourselves with rifles in our hands from our and your enemies, and obtain freedom.

You know very well that we are not evil and you understand that it is trouble that made us risk our lives, so that we might begin living like human beings or die like heroes! And because since the times of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers we have lived together like brothers of this land, we consider you as our own, and would like it to remain the same forever. We have not raised our rifles against you - it would be shameful for us to do so; we have not raised against the peaceful diligent and honest Turkish people who, like ourselves, earn their living through sweat full of blood - they are our brothers with whom we have always lived and would like to live again; we have not risen to slaughter and plunder, to set fire and steal - we have had enough of countless derebeyis pillaging and plundering our poor and blood-stained Macedonia; we have not risen to convert to Christianity and disgrace your mothers and sisters, wives and daughters; you should know that your property, your lives, your faith and your honour are as dear to us as our own. Alas, we have taken up arms only to protect our property, our lives, our faith and our honour. We are not murtats of our own land that has given birth to us, we are not robbers and plunderers, but revolutionaries sworn to die for justice and freedom; we rebel against tyranny and against slavery; we are fighting and will fight against murtats, against robbers, against oppressors and plunderers, against besmirchers of our honour and our faith and against those who benefit from our sweat and exploit our labour. Do not be afraid of us and of our villages - we shall not harm anyone. Not only do we consider you as our brothers, but we also feel sorry for you as our brothers, since we understand that you are slaves like ourselves, slaves of the Sultan and of his beys, effendis and pashas, slaves of the rich and powerful, slaves of tyrants and oppressors, who have set fire to the empire from all four sides and have made us rise up for justice, for freedom and for human life.

We invite you, too, to join us in our struggle for justice, freedom and human life! Come, Moslem brothers, let us together go against your and our enemies! Come under the banner of "Autonomous Macedonia"! Macedonia is the mother of us all and she calls on us for help. Let us break the chains of slavery, free ourselves from suffering and pain, and dry the rivers of blood and tears! Join us, brothers, let us fuse our souls and hearts and save ourselves, so that we and our children and our children's children might live in peace, work calmly and make progress!...

Dear neighbours! We understand that you as Turks, Arnauts and Moslems might think that the empire is yours and that you are not slaves since there is no cross on the imperial flag but a star and a crescent. You will soon see and understand that this is not so and that you are wrong. Nevertheless, if you honour does not allow you to join us and declare yourselves against the Sultan's tyranny, we, your brothers in suffering and of the same homeland, shall do you no harm and shall not hate you. We will fight alone both for you and us, and if necessary, we will fight to the last man under the banner for our and your freedom, for our and your justice. "Freedom or Death" is written on our foreheads and on our blood-stained banner. We have already raised that banner and there is no way back. If you consider us as your brothers, too, if you wish us well, if you intend to live with us again as you have lived up to now, and if you are faithful and worthy sons of our mother Macedonia, you could help us in one way at least - and it would be a great help indeed - do not make partners of the enemy, do not raise guns against us and do not oppress the Christian villages!

May God bless our holy struggle for justice and freedom!
Long live the fighters for freedom and all honest and good Macedonian sons!
Hurrah! For "Autonomous Macedonia!"

How do we know on which language is written this manifesto? Skopje historians argue that it is written in "Macedonian language". Is this true?

Skopje historians manipulate with "Krusevo manifesto" published in 1948. This edition of manifesto is published by Yugoslav historiography counterfeiters. They changed the language and alphabet with which is written manifesto from 1903 year. This is a forgery written in fictional "Macedonian language" from 1945, and not on the original Bulgarian language.

Venko Markovski about "Krusevo manifesto"

This counterfeit was broken by Venko Markovski (Bulgarian born in Skopje) with many facts and arguments. He in his book "Blood can't be a water" ("Krvta voda ne stava") write:

The authors of the so-called "History of the Macedonian people" should not have to write that manifesto was written on the "Macedonian national language", but on Bulgarian literary language. They had to write, that the text taken from the manifesto is not written in "Macedonian language", but literary Bulgarian language. They had to said that the alphabet and orthography, which are used in excerpts from the manifesto, is a Serbian alphabet, which has received a new letters for кь, гь and дз and became a so-called "Macedonian" alphabet, and Serbian orthography, which rejects the function of Yer-big (ъ) and becomes a "Macedonian".

On second passage Venko argue that Manifesto with name "Krushevski manifesto" doesn't exist. On third passage, Venko argue that headquarters of the uprising sent Proclamation to the people of villages Norovo, Aldanci and Plasnica (Muslim villages). In this proclamation writes (written on Bulgarian):

Come, Moslem brothers, let us together go against your and our enemies! Come under the banner of autonomous Macedonia! Let us break the chains of slavery, free ourselves from suffering and pain, and dry the rivers of blood and tears.
Venko Markovski even says that same this extract was used by authors of "History of "Macedonian" people" on this way:

Come, Moslem brothers, let us together go against your and our enemies! Come under the banner of autonomous Macedonia! Macedonia is the mother of us all and she calls on us for help! Let us break the chains of slavery, free ourselves from suffering and pain, and dry the rivers of blood and tears.
This is classic forgery. Bolded sentence is invented and never existed in the proclamation. After this discovered lie, Venko Markovski revealed another forgery. Venko claims that Ilinden Uprising is a big factor for the glory of Bulgarian history. For this assertion Venko uses quote of Ali (Krusevo garisson commander):

Heroes! Your proclamation to my people (Muslim Turks) very intrested me. From proclamation and from your brave deeds, I understand that you are wrongly called "eşkya" (robbers). Your aim and struggle are large. I'm approving. Continue like this, to fight for freedom as many free nations
Skopje manipulators says:

The contents of the letter of the Chief of the Turkish military garrison in Krusevo, is important because it confirms one of the most important documents of the Ilinden uprising - Krusevo Manifesto dedicated to the Turkish population.
This quote confirms that Skopje wants to hide the truth about the real manifesto (never called "Krusevski manifesto" but "Proclamation" as he said chief Ali), and to hide the truth about language with which is written this manifesto.

Marcus Templar writes - "According to Mrs. St. Petrova, Director of the National Archives of Bulgaria, the Manifest or Proclamation of Krushevo (Манифест от Крушево) can be found in the Memoirs of Nikola Kirov Majski (ф. 933К, оп. 1, а.е. 124, л. 1–3). The language above is not the original."

Author: Marsyas Periandrou (M.P.)


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