Saturday, January 14, 2012

Georgios Karatzaferis at Euro Parliament

Quotes from speeches of Gergios Karatzaferis for Macedonia in European Parliamentary:

"Western and Central Macedonia are regions of Greece which undertakings are leaving in order to relocate in other regions of the Balkans with lower labour costs."

[CSF support for bodies in Western and Central Macedonia, G.Karatzaferis, 10 July 2007]

"The President of Poland, Mr Kaczynski, is reported by the Skopje media to have stated that the Republic of Macedonia cannot be known as FYROM and that the controversy surrounding its name is in fact an ‘artificial’ one.

Should Poland, an EU Member State, and in particular its President, not respect European Union decisions? Could an EU Member State (or a representative thereof) propose that FYROM be named for example ‘Krakow’ and that Skopje be renamed ‘Warsaw’? In the Commission’s view would the Polish President object to the above two proposals?"

[Incredible statements issued by the President of Poland regarding Skopje, G. Karatzaferis, 31 May 2007]

"What else must happen for the Commission to understand that the only Macedonians in existence are the Greek inhabitants of northern Greece, which the EU itself has officially recognised; naturally, the EU does not recognise the State of Skopje by the name of ‘Macedonia’."

[Provocative use of the term 'Macedonia' on a Commission website, G. Karatzaferis, 2 February 2007]

"Apart from being the capital of Macedonia, Thessaloniki is also the second largest city in Greece with a population of 1.3 million. "

[Squalid school buildings in Thessaloniki, G. Karatzaferis ,6 March 2007]

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